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Brand Spanking New [Oct. 10th, 2006|05:44 pm]


I've created this community to connect pharmacists, technicians, and people interested in pharmacy- so that we can share all our experiences and vent if we need to. But also so that we have people we can go to when we have an issue or problem we can't solve ourselves.

From: lilrph
2006-11-02 09:24 pm (UTC)
I need to confirm stability of IV Erythromycin in NS under refrigerator. Common wisdom says 24hrs, but in both Trissels and Extended Stability for Parenteral Drugs (3rd edition) there are 2 references for 20 and 60 day stability. Of course, under USP <797>, we cannot give it more than 7 days stability. What does your hospital do?
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